Imsouane Surf Bay – Wonderful Trip at 5AM !

Friday evening- as every evening is the time to check forecast for the next day. Taghazout is flat… on Tamri strong onshore wind… Maybe Imsouane? BINGO!

We decided to go there for Suns rise Session (those who’ve tried sunrise session, they know how magical experience it is), so quick check at what time sunrise is and we can start preparation to our trip: pack wet suit, check the board, take some food and water and GO TO SLEEP!

Alarm’s woke us up at 5:00, quick morning toilet and our “international team” is ready (Norway, Aruba, USA, Italy and Poland). Our guide is one and only Andrea from Italy! If you will ever have a chance to go surfing with him, you can be sure, that you will catch some good waves!

We get to the car and on the way! Sky full of stars and beautiful moon accompany us the whole trip, and because of Andrea’s great driving skills- nobody wanted to sleep.

We got to Imsouane at 6:20. Quick check from nearest hills, and we already knows, that this session will be great!

boardxhouse imsouane 1024x719 1

“The Bay” fot. Maciej Pietrunko

In Imsouane there is two spots: “The Bay”, and “The Cathedral”. We chose “the bay” at the begging, and no one could complain- we hit the Bulls Eye! We were not the first on the beach but no one seemed to bother because of that.

Wet suit on, warm up, and we’re ready! We walked into the water, just after the rocks, and there we are, just in right place, just in the right time. There were waves after waves, so everyone were able to catch some in time!

And there we go! This one is mine! I’m turning around, start paddling and catch it! My first wave on Imsouane, and the longest one in my life at the same time! It was so enjoyable to surf that wave early morning, have time to make a long, smooth turns surrounded by beautiful landscape!

This waves bring me straight to the shore and believe me or not,when i turn my head and i get a bit scary when a saw a distance that I need to paddle back, but luckily Jay from Norway were just behind me and he showed me a shortcut- we needed to walk 5 minutes across the beach, enjoying the beautiful sun rises behind the hills, and there we are, just next to the rocks. We went to the water and we were ready to catch more waves!

Imsouane spot “The Bay” offers you long right hand waves or shorter left one. Long right wave were perfect for long boarder, that’s why Alex from USA spent there all day. After couple hours, we left Alex on “The bay” and we went to check the second spot called “Cathedral” which is just 5 minutes walking from The bay. On the way we decided to check what local restaurants offer to us. I chose fresh fish, catch of the day and it was delicious. Lunch like this in such a magical place tastes much better- trust me;)

surf the bay imsouane 2 1024x541 1


“The Cathedral” fot. Jan- Ketil Solstad

After 1 pm swell brings lot of nice and quite big waves. Also in here you can find right and left waves, so no matter if you’re goofy or regular- you will be able to surf every direction. Paddle out wasn’t easy but for sure it was worth it. Waves on The Cathedral spot have more power and they are more difficult to catch, but already you succeed you will have a lot of fun. We spent there no more than 1,5 h here and we finished our seasons when it started to do a crowded (with big smiles on ours faces of course ;))

 Everyone was happy of the sessions that we had so in good mood we got to the car and we went back. Views along the way caused that we started to enjoy this day more and more. We even saw distance a pick of mountain cowered with snow far away!

On our way back we decided to check what happens on another great spot… but about Tamri I will tell you another time

Morocco Imsouane Africa Waves scaled 1