Water sports in Morocco – Surf Camp Taghazout

Are you looking for a Surf Camp Morocco experience? Whether you want to catch your first wave or chase the big swells, Morocco can provide it all. The most important thing to do is choose the right surf camp for your surf holiday. Apart from the beach and the surf, you need a comfortable surf camp with good food and a nice atmosphere. Morocco is a popular touristic destination and many locals rely on tourism for their livelihood. The west coast of Morocco is a scenic surfers’ paradise for wanderers to enjoy water sports while exploring a new culture. A camel on the beach is not an uncommon sight in Morocco.

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Taghazout is a charming coastal village to visit and enjoy your surf travel in Morocco. As a surfer, you will not find a better location to learn and practice surfing. With direct access to many surf spots, you’ll find your finger on the pulse when staying at a surf camp in Taghazout, Morocco. As an experienced surfer, you can will the proximity to some of the finest waves of Morocco. Thanks to the Atlantic ocean, some of the biggest Atlantic swells hit Morocco’s west coast every year during the winter months. Its the perfect time to escape the colder countries and plan a surf trip in sunny Morocco.

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Due to the importance of tourism in Morocco, there is very little localism in the line ups of Taghazout. As the local surfers also represent a culture that thrives on its hospitality, the feeling of sharing the waves comes naturally to the local surfers in Taghazout.

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