Surf Vacation in Moroccan Beaches !

A Morocco surf vacation is a truly unique experience. The entire coastline offers spectacular long white sandy beaches, and amazing waves. Then, what would you look for when planning a Morocco surf vacation? In this article, you will learn about several factors that will help you plan your surf trip better.


The first thing to understand is your surfing level. European winter is the time to visit if you’re mostly interested in the Atlantic swell. During other seasons, the surf in Morocco is better for beginners and improving surfers. If you are an intermediate or experienced surfer, then there are several surf spots along the west coast of Morocco. However, if you are a newbie, then its ideal for you to pick a surf holiday that offers a mix of surf and other activities.



Once you know your surfing level, the next step is to know the travel seasons, and the best time to surf morocco. Once, you have established the perfect timing of your trip, you will be able to understand which surf destinations suit you best. You may want to note that during winter months, the ocean is a little colder. This can affect the quality of experience, if you are not used to spending long hours being wet and salty. Well, do keep in mind that this is Africa, so its never really as cold as in Europe.

While there are surf spots all along the west coast, Taghazout village is possibly the most popular Morocco surf destination. To make sure you never miss the next best wave, you can use our recommended surf forecast application by WEESURF.


If you are an experienced surfer, then you probably know about all the major Taghazout surfing spots. Anchor Point offers the most popular point break in Morocco. It is suitable only if you have some surfing experience. To get into the line up, you would need to wait for the set to finish, then jump off the rocks to paddle out to the main peak. If you are not an experienced surfer, you may want to stay away from the main peak. It is better to surf off the shoulder instead of attempting to get inside the wave. Good surfers will appreciate your gesture and allow you to surf. Anchor Point offers a long right-hander peeling off the main Anchor Point rocks.


We welcome you to Adventure Keys Surf Taghazout. We have a spacious surf house for you to sprawl anywhere you like. With a terrace lounge, and a panoramic rooftop overlooking the entire Taghazout bay, there is little you will miss during your stay at our Surf Hostel Taghazout.

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