Taghazout – Africa’s top surf destination !

From Berber language Taghazout is translated as a ‘field’. So it used to be a field and a land of fish and fishermen before it became a field of tourism that we have now. In XVI century there were Berber tribes living at this coast called Taghazout nowadays. And there were always battles and wars between the tribes and other foreigners. It’s interesting to know that people who died those hard times were buried on the rock, which all of us know now as Devil’s rock. Among locals it is also called Imouran beach which comes from the word “dying” – Imouran.


So, the village is surrounded by mountains and people used to live just in the foothills, fishing every day. But in XIX century Taghazout started to grow, some small houses appeared for local fishermen and their families. And later in 1960s the village attracted some hippies of those times which realized that there are waves in the ocean that are not bad for surfing. Taghazout started to take popularity.


In early 90’s the full buses and vans of surfers arrived here to check the spots and find some new adventure. Nowadays, during the surf season Taghazout is a multinational small planet full of surfers from all over the world. And everything here works for them – a lot of accommodations on your choice, cheap hostels, surf shops and boards repair points. And it will be even more in several years. 

There is a huge building now between Taghazout and the neighbor village Tamraght. It will be a big resort with hotels, cafes and restaurants, shops, camping places and even a golf field. 

This project is a part of Moroccan tourism plan called “Vision 2020”. That way our favorite place will grow soon from the poor little village to a bigger charming surf town 19 km from Agadir hippie days taghazoutwhere everyone will find its paradise and best wave!

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