Taghazout Surf Spots

Taghazout surf spots

Anchor Point, Taghazout Bay


Want to learn all about Taghazout surf spots and the seasonal surf breaks these spots offer? Taghazout is a small fishing village near city of Agadir in the south of Morocco. Due to its geographic location on the Moroccan coast, Taghazout is blessed with beautiful waves that attract many surfers from around the world. The weather in Taghazout is sunny almost all year round, which makes it a very appealing surf holiday destination, especially during the European Winter months, following the Atlantic swells.

Plenty of Taghazout surf spots offer a variety of Surf breaks for all surf levels - Beach Breaks, Point Breaks, Point Reef Breaks, etc. If you're a  Beginner or Improver, then you will chase Beach breaks for most of your Level 1-2-3 lessons. If you are an Intermediate and Advanced Surfers, you can choose from some of the best Point and Reef breaks available to surf in Morocco. Regardless of your surf level, you can chase the swell to more than 20 spots to surf in Agadir region of Morocco. There are also group Surf trips to Imsouane that we organise on a regular basis.

Surfing Point and Beach Breaks in Taghazout generally works best during (European) Winter to mid Spring season, following the North Atlantic Sea swells and storms. The swell starts to pick up around Mid September, and lasts until Mid to end April. The peak season is between December and January, when Taghazout surf spots get the biggest waves varying from 3 to 4 meters in size.

Beginners and Improvers looking to learn and practice their basics in preparation for bigger waves, can find waves all year round. During summer time, the swell is not so big, so Intermediate surfers searching for working Taghazout surf spots would need to follow the forecast and talk to our surf guides about the spots for the day. 

For the beginners, surf is usually around Devil's Rock (5 minute drive from AdventureKeys Surf Hostel Taghazout), which offers good beach breaks during high-tide with both, left and right handers. Intermediate surfers may also find some joy in Devil's Rock's right hand point break during mid- to low-tide.

Taghazout Surf Spots:

BEACH BREAKS - Recommended for Beginners
Banana Beach
Devils Rock
Crocodile/ Crocs Beach
K 17
Panorama Beach
Camel Beach
Anza Beach
Tamri Beach
Imsouane Bay (outside Taghazout)

Taghazout surf spots, Surfingu Maroko

Devils Rock, Taghazout

Surf Spot, K17, Taghazout

Anchor Point

Taghazout Surf Spot, Surf urlaub Marokko

Anchor Point, Taghazout

Taghazout Surf spot, surf vakantie Marokko

Anchor Point, Taghazout

Anza Point Break
K11 & K12
Banana Point
Panorama Point
Hash Point
La source
Camel point
Imsouane the Reef Point
Imsouane Cathedral Point

Taghazout surf spot, surfen Marokko

Panorama Point, Taghazout Beach

Taghazout Surf Spot, surfing Morocco

Hash Point, Taghazout Beach

Experienced surfers can choose Banana Point, which is also just a few minutes away. However, if you want to go for the bigger waves, Tamri Beach is the spot for you. Note that Tamri beach breaks can some times be choppy and messy due to strong winds. Therefore, it is advisable that you check the swell before your drive out, as Tamri is another village about 40 minutes by car from Taghazout.
Advanced surfers looking for the ultimate waves will want to wait for the big swell to arrive at the world famous surf-spot, Anchor Point, located about 2 kilometers from AdventureKeys Surf Hostel Taghazout. This point-break present you lines and lines of speed-walls and cutback hooks that work great except during high-tide. If the conditions at Anchor Point are perfect it's actually possible to ride one single wave from the point all the way to Taghazout beach (2 km!). So if surfing is your passion or something you aspire to become good at, Taghazout is the place to be!
By Charaf K (Pro Level Surf Coach, AdventureKeys, Taghazout, Morocco)