Surfing in Morocco – 6 Things to pack with you for a surfcamp trip !

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What to pack for your trip when you are surfing in Morocco?

A surf holiday in exotic Morocco is an epic idea that may entice you to book your trip right away. If you have visited Morocco before, then you probably know about the basics you may need to pack before traveling. However, if you have never been to Morocco, then here is an article to help you prepare for an unforgettable Morocco surfing holiday.

  • Sunscreen: 

when surfing in Morocco, it’s important to understand the weather, and how the African sun can affect your skin. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster. There are tonnes of sunscreens to choose from, but do you know about sunscreens with Zinc Oxide? Zinc Oxide is a powdered compound that is insoluble in water. It starts protecting you as soon you apply it, and the best part is that it doesn’t come off in the ocean. There is high UV exposure in Africa, and we highly recommend that you protect yourself the right way. Although, Zinc sunscreen will help you block out the sun, but we do recommend you to seek shade and wear a hat whenever possible.

  • Probiotics: 

when traveling to Morocco, many people fall sick from eating something. This does not necessarily mean that the food was bad. It could also be your body reacting to different bacteria. A change in environment can often push your body to reject the food and that leads to you feeling sick. If you are recover within 24 hours, then this is mainly the reason, as food poisoning takes 3 to 4 days to recover from. To be on the safer side, carry some probiotics that come in tablet or sachet form.
Tip: avoid tap water, and avoid tea or coffee from the local guys selling at the beach.

  • Local Currency: 

When surfing in Morocco, you will visit many remote destinations such as Taghazout and Imsouane. Many local businesses do not accept Credit or Bank cards in these places. Carry some local currency to use when you need to make small item purchases. ATMs may decline your bank card too, so its important to come prepared or you may face some disappointment. Your Surf Camp may be able to accept card payments, however, there probably won’t be an ATM to get cash-out.

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  • Medical Kit and First Aid: 

It is a well know fact that surfing can be dangerous, especially for experienced surfers. If you are an experienced surfer always chasing the swell, its best to have at least a small First Aid box with you. Make sure that it carries anti-septic liquid, cotton, bandages, heat and cold spray, and scissors. We do hope that you will not need them, however, in the instance that you or your mates do, at least one of you should come prepared. Not to forget that Emergency Services can be hard to locate in remote surf spots. Don’t take unnecessary risks and have everything calculated if you’re surfing in Morocco.

  • Warm clothes: 

Are you wondering why you need warm clothes when visiting a hot African country? Well, the onshore sea-breeze can cool things down pretty quickly, and you may feel cold at night. Whether winter or summer, there is always a chance of a chilly night. You may be better of packing a wind-sheeter and a pair of jeans or track pants to stay warm. Typically, after surf, its also easy to catch a little cold or flu. It’s also helpful to keep a beanie hat handy.

  • Toiletries: 

While your Surf hostel may provide towels, soaps, and toilet rolls, its always handy to pack some basic toiletries in your surf travel backpack, so you are not left hanging wet at the beach. Beach towels are a very handy piece of item to have in your surfing luggage.

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