Surfboard Repair

Are you an experienced surfer with your own surfboard? Then, Surfboard repair is the one thing that you hate most! Even more than the idea of injuring yourself. True? Let's be honest; your baby is probably a little bit more important than your bae, and at times, its hard to choose who you want to wax, first. Tough choice, aye?

Well, if you recently acquired a new surfboard ding that needs a repair, then no more worries! In this article you will learn how to repair your surfboard! So, here's how to get your baby up and surfin' in no time, and instantly get back to waxing your bae.

Instant Surfboard repair

Surfboard Repair Bandages for Instant Ding Repair by

Welcome to the world of surfboard bandages! When you join us in Morocco to surf Taghazout waves, we will introduce you to these beautiful board bandages.

Our friends at Board Bandages have patented bandage material that has been giving amazing results. Their amazing adhesive does not peel after you put it on your surfboard. The repair is fast and easy, and the board bandages will get you back in the water fast.

Those days are gone when, you would bake your board to melt the wax, and ruin the inside of your board with resin based surfboard repair kits. Despite the effort, you end up wasting your time to get a poor result. Then, why not try one these durable Board Bandages that go on your surfboard instantly, and stay on for a long period of time. This really is a perfect solution when you need an instant surfboard ding repair.

How To Do It?

First, dry the damaged area of your surfboard with a towel, and then apply the bandage just like a sticker. The bandage will stick to your board without damaging your surfboard shapers' glass work, making an easy and professional surfboard repair in case you wish to show it to your shaper. In most cases, the bandage will keep your surfboard watertight for life, unless the damage is severe.

If you are planning a Taghazout Surfing Trip, we would be happy to give you a free sample. Of course, we hope that won't need it. After all, we would not want to see your baby in pain!