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Are you planning a Morocco Surf holiday? Do you have insurance to cover yourself against injuries or equipment damages during your surf holiday? Surf Insurance is essential if you wish to feel secure during your surfing trip. Traveling to remote places in search for stoke also means that you're going away from civilisation. Consequently, you will be away from certain services that we hope are not needed, but can be required need in case of emergency. The cost of emergency services can be quite high. Why take the risk and on top not be covered against such risks?

Surf Insurance

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Here are the main reasons for why you need surf insurance:

  • Medical Cover if you hurt yourself
  • Personal Liability if you hurt someone else
  • Surf Board Damage if your board gets hurt
  • Other stuff that is not mentioned above

If you are a Beginner, then you are probably better off with insurance, as surfing is going to be new experience for you, and even small fix ups like a bruised finger, skin rash due to salt water, sunburns, etc, can lead to increased medical expenses. If you are joining us for a Taghazout Surf Camp, we recommend you take out the most basic policy that will give you the confidence to surf fearlessly.

You might take it lightly, but if you have surfed before, you are probably aware that it can be dangerous. Not to mention, if you have seen luggage handlers at the airports and bus stations, you probably worry about surf board damage. Consequently, you need to make sure that you have the correct travel cover in place before you leave home. This means getting the right policy and checking what is included within it.


Medical Cover
Medical Cover is the most important part of your travel insurance. Getting a simple medical treatment abroad can be costly, let alone anything little more serious. Medical Cover is always included on insurance but an injury received specifically while surfing may not. Extreme sports are often excluded under the basic cover, so keep this in mind when looking for the surf insurance inclusion within your policy.

Personal Liability
Personal Liability ensures you are covered against hurting anyone else. Your surf board, your fins, your leash or even just yourself, all can be dangerous elements to fellow surfers looking for stoke. It takes a split second for a small mistake before someone gets hurt. If you are traveling to surf during a busy season, we recommend you to secure yourself and your peers against your wrath, especially if you like to shred no matter how busy the line up is.

Your Baby!
Fingers crossed! - Surfboard Repair is something you probably hate more than the idea of getting yourself injured. We all hope that nothing happens to your baby but it would be silly to assume that a baggage handler will always look after your board the same way as you do. Check your policy covers individual sporting equipment items and that your hard earned surf gear won't go to waste. If you have an expensive board it might not be fully covered - check!

If you're looking for a more comprehensive quote for Surf Travel Insurance, don't hesitate to ask us for a recommendation. Now that you are ready with the right insurance policy, we look forward to seeing you here for an epic Morocco Surf Trip.

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