Surf and Yoga

My first week in Taghazout and Adventurekeys Surf and Yoga Camp
I arrived to Adventurekeys Surf and Yoga Camp with huge expectations for my stay. I had been looking forward to this trip for months, and finally, it was all happening. After a warm welcome by the hostel staff, and a tour in this small fishing town, I knew, this was going to be an amazing experience. A friend and I went to Panorama Point to catch waves, which was simply amazing! The two surf spots Hash Point and Anchor Point situation not far from Panorama Point and the Surf Camp also had wonderful swells coming in. The surf height was 2ft – 4ft so it was perfect as a warm up for two cold Danish bodies.Surf and Yoga

The next morning Andrea, the surf guide at the hostel, took us to surf at Tamri Beach. The morning session was lovely and the waves were great – a long and incredible beach break! The water temperature was around the 20 degrees Celsius, which made it possible only to wear a 3/2 wetsuit even if the sun has not risen yet. The thin wetsuit is a release for us Danish guys, since we are used to where 5/4 suits at the Danish surf spots. We have learned that Tamri has waves even if the incoming swells are very small, which makes Taghazout a perfect place to learn to surf – the spot always offers something. We have almost only been surfing in Tamri, since the waves in Panorama Point, Hash Point and Anchor Point have been too small to surf. One day we also went to Boilers to catch waves but it was too crowded at the point break. Luckily the forecast looks promising for the weekend and the days after. Magic Sea Weed promises 5 stars surfing with surf heights from 3 ft at the smallest spots near Taghazout to 12 ft by the beach break of Tamri. Since we have been at Tamri almost every day I think we will hit some point break spots. Maybe we will check out Boilers, Killers and Banana Point but also Devils Rock. The guys at the hostel who went with the teacher of the camp doing surf classes went two times to Devil’s Rock this week and they came back telling about the perfect beginner conditions. We must try those waves!
When I’m not surfing I really enjoy diving into Moroccan culture – and Taghazout is perfect for it. Everything does not have to be related to surfing, despite the fact that it is difficult to walk around in Taghazout without bumping into a surf shop or a board repair shop. I often go for a walk just to look at all the different and inspiring colors of Taghazout. The Moroccan people are extremely friendly and would really like to talk and discuss different world views. After my stay at Adventurekeys Surf and Yoga Camp I am heading for Cairo to study Arabic. I therefor do a bit of pre studying and talking to the locals is a perfect way to improve the pronunciation of the difficult and very different Arabic language.
I am really looking forward to spend more time improving my surf skills in Taghazout and learn the local Moroccan culture to know even better.

Theodor Langston