How To Prepare For Surfing

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT RIDE? Well, here's an amazing article about how to prepare for surfing.

Prepare for surfing

The Best workout for surfing


At AdventureKeys, we are a passionate bunch of surfers. We don't need to be convinced that with fitness we can get better at what we are passionate about. In fact, after years spent surfing, we are well aware of the benefits of fitness. You're probably wondering how you can prepare for surfing and maintain surf fitness, especially living away from the ocean. We have only one thing to say - Exercise! Of course, we can teach you the basics and techniques to improve your surfing, but only your fitness will make you a better surfer. Once you have learnt the basics of surfing, the most crucial aspects are practice and keeping fit that will get you closer to your dreams of epic surfing. Anyone can learn to surf, but the fitter you are, the brighter you will shine.

We have done a lot of research on how to prepare for surfing. Over the years, we collaborated with many sports professionals to improve the work-out for you to excel during your surf week. However, its not necessary that you will experience the same level of improvement in your fitness, as some others. Similarly, your surf level will also vary compared to other surfers. Recently, we came across this amazing Surf-Prep video, and naturally, we tried it. A week later, we realised that the results were mind-blowing, and we couldn't resist sharing it with you. So here we are!

The surf-prep workouts are by our awesome friends, Nadine and Patrizia - two lovely surfer girls and fitness aficionados from NJoyRides, Germany. Nadine and Patrizia met during a surf trip, and got on like a house on fire! Due to the shared passion and experience in fitness coaching, they collaborated to form NJoyRides with an aim to help many of us prepare for surfing and other adventure sports. After a lot of hard work, they have now developed their new product to help us all get fit to surf better! Designed in cooperation with a sports physiotherapist and a surf coach, the work-out is not only well titled, but it also lives up to its name - “Last Minute Surf Workout”.

About the Workout
This surf workout focuses on muscle groups that will have to work hardest while you surf. In a nutshell: Its a 45 minute video workout which aims to help you improve no matter what surf level you are. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, this surf-prep video will help you surf better within a few weeks! With exercises that mimic the movements required in surfing, this workout incorporates techniques involved in paddling, pushing up, and performing on the board.

The workout includes three exercise blocks focusing on various muscle groups through interval drills to get your heart-rate pumping. In the water, the first thing you have to do is paddle out. The first part focuses on building your paddling strength and endurance that you need to quickly get to the line up and into the waves. Then it comes to pushing up your upper body; pulling your feet underneath your waist and taking-off. The muscles you need in order to do this will be worked on in the following exercises. Finally the focus shifts to your legs that do most of the work once you're standing on your board. Many exercises will include rotational movements to give your core, the basis for powerful movements, an extra challenge.

Sounds good, right? Well, if you're joining us soon, we recommend this program, so you're fit 2 surf when you arrive. The work-out is quite economical, however, our friends Nadine and Patrizia gave us a Voucher code to share with you. You can use the Voucher Code “adventurekeys” and save up to 33% of the price!

Here's the link you can check-out and purchase this awesome video by NjoyRides

Don't miss it. Its the best advice we can give you before you join us for your epic surf adventure in Taghazout. Surf's up! So, get cracking, and show us how its done.

We look forward to seeing you at AdventureKeys Surf Camp Taghazout.