Morocco – Clear Weather Forecast 24/24

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The most popular question from our Dearest customers before they arrive – is usually about the weather. What should they wear and take with them not to get frozen in the evenings – which is very possible by the way, although it is an Africa.

The geography of Morocco is very diverse that’s why the climate is different across the country. Morocco is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from the North , and by the Atlantic from the West. On the East and South-east the country is bordered upon Algeria, and with the Sahara desert on the South. That way the country blends together heat and chill, ocean and mountains, green forests and oases along with desert landscape.

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And although you can enjoy the Morocco sun during all year round – it is considered that the best time for vacation is from April until October, cause the weather and the ocean are warm. But it is only if talking about normal average all over the world people who like the sun, swimming and chilling on the beach.

For surfers the high season is the opposite – winter, when the waves come and nobody’s afraid of cold about +14 – +17 C degrees water in the ocean, cause it swells and time to surf It is usually from November until March. The weather is still nice and sunny, and except surfing you can enjoy travelling and sightseeing, but in the evenings it can be around only +8 – +10C, so warm jackets are necessary in Morocco if you choose winter time.
There are some regions in Morocco where you can find even snow and enjoy the skiing or snowboarding there. It is a place in High Atlas not far from Marrakesh and Ifrane in a middle Atlas. The mountain skiing season is short in Morocco, only for two months January and February. But sometimes it is some snow in December and March as well.
Morocco spring is still not for swimming if you don’t have a wetsuit) But you can travel around the country, find out something new and interesting in Berber culture, Moroccan cuisine. Enjoy hammam and Moroccan Spa procedures. Up to the beginning of May it’s flowering beautiful time in Morocco, including the unique orange orchards blossoming.

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Morocco is the most wonderful and green country in Northern Africa and you can travel there anyway and any season and get the best experience from it. It’s just necessary to decide what aim you have and choose the most appropriate month and climate for it. If you want to get suntan and spend amazing beach rest – best time is hot summer. If it’s more interesting for you to watch new places of interest, traditional mosques, souks and nature sights – better come in autumn or spring, when it’s not so hot. And if you are a surfer or planning to be – come to our camp in November and stay for all winter season, we promise you unforgettable time and a lot of fun!

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