How to catch a Wave?

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Surfing is the most popular among water sports and nowadays more and more people try to start follow it and learn it. Originally it was just a beach entertainment when a person rode a wave using a special wooden board. It appeared to be such a fascinating activity that started to get a lot of fans around the world and finally grew in to a sport discipline.

Now people use different types of boards to surf – long and short ones, soft and hard ones. And also there are a lot of different types of surfing appeared during the times. People kept creating something new to ride waves. That way nowadays we have windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP (StandUpPaddling), Body boarding, wakesurfing. All of these are united by one thing – you need a wave and a board. Also a lot of power and no fear cause such kinds of sports are mostly extreme ones. You have to be physically trained, brave and have a good knowledge at your sphere.

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Bodyboarding is a funny type of surfing when a person rides a wave on his belly using a small foam board and swim fins for additional propulsion. A rider can make different tricks and turns on the wave so it looks very exciting and although it can seem not difficult to go with the wave just laying on the board – but it’s really challenging.

Windsurfing is a combination of surfing and sailing. So a surfboard is like a small yacht there, you ride a board under a sail and with the help of the wind. This kind of sport is very beautiful and attractive, it looks really amazing when a rider makes his maneuvers on the board.

Windsurfing can take place not only in the ocean, fjords and lakes are also suitable.

Wakesurfing is a young kind of entertain and sport when a wave is made artificially, by a boat or jet ski. So you don’t need an ocean for wakesurfing. Boat can make one meter height waves that are good enough to surf. The process looks like this – first a surfer is fastened with the boat by the rope which he drops later and follows the boat just by himself, surfing the waves that scooter leaves over.

Wakeboarding is when you follow the boat riding your board, making different tricks and jumps at the same time. Very extreme and upcoming sport nowadays.

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Kitesurfing is probably the most spectacular of all extreme surf kinds of sport. It combines both surfing and windsurfing, wakeboarding and paragliding. A surfer rides a wave using a large controllable kite and the power of the wind. It is the sport of two fields both – the sky and the water! Cause you ride a wave and fly over the water at the same time, land on the wave and surf it again. Looks really thrilling!

Sometimes you may see surfers standing on a long big board with an oar in their hands, balancing and catching a wave. It is another kind coming from surfing and called Stand Up Paddle (SUP). A surfer is standing on the board all the time even while paddling out. It is not easy but everybody can try and learn it, and it’s super fun for all ages. You can also practice yoga on such SUP boards which is an additional challenge to your body to keep balance on the water in different asana.

We mentioned the most popular kinds of sport connected with surfing and coming from it, there are some more types of such. And we’re sure that it will be more in the future, people keep creating something new and special. Those who love the water and waves, who can’t live without the ocean – they will never stop. Once you fall in love with the ocean – will seek for the waves and a way to ride it all the time. And if you come to Taghazout – we can help you to find it