Get The New Year’s Spirit!

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December is the most pleasant time of the year! When everything around shines with new year’s lights, people search for the Christmas presents through the shops and malls. And it is a nice atmosphere to prepare for the most joyful festival – a New Year!

This festival has been celebrated for years and centuries, the history of it is very long. And a lot of different traditions, legends and omens have been built with it throughout all this time. All the countries have different traditions and ways of celebrating happy new year. And as we are an international surf camp and have our surfers from all around the world – we made a little survey among our guests on how it is celebrated in their countries and if there are some special and unique traditions for this event. It was interesting to know that in Italy on December 31, midnight, people throw from the window out all the old and useless stuff. They believe that it is necessary to shed all things that they don’t need anymore before new year comes. In Australia people arrange different rodeos and carnivals for surfers, barbecues on the beach.

In Britain people open the backdoor in the house with the first chime of the clock in order for the old year to leave the house. And with the last chime of the clock they open the front door to meet a new year.

In Russia there is no Santa Clause with all his elves to help him. There is an old man called Father Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka, that helps him to communicate with children, give them presents and do other winter work.

But all the countries still have one thing in common. People write millions of letters to their Santa Clause every year where they describe their wishes for a present. It is interesting to know that earlier people didn’t wait for gifts from Santa, even the opposite – they made presents for Him. Nowadays not only children but many adults write their letters to the North Pole waiting and hoping for a miracle. According to statistics the present day children ask Santa Clause mostly for the different Apple company’s gadgets as a present – like iPhones, iPads. Also X-Box games. Some adults especially office workers are more creative and ask Santa to freeze their bosses

The tradition of fireworks at New Year’s night is also an old one.

People believed earlier that the noise and fire scare away the ghosts and evil spirits. So, all the Adventurekeys surf camp’s team wish you to watch the most amazing fireworks this new year’s night, scare away all the evil spirits and everything bad from your house with a lot of laughs and joy! To spend the most beautiful time with your friends and interesting people around.

With presents and your surf board next to you! And to be already on the wave the next morning Cause it is well known that how you celebrate a new year is exactly the way you will spend all the year;) Try to make this night unforgettable!