Best Time to Surf Taghazout

When is the best time to surf Taghazout?

Best time to surf taghazout

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Are you thinking of traveling to Taghazout for surfing, but you’re wondering when is the right time to visit? Well, we get asked this question very often! Many guests have requested us to tell them the best time to surf in Taghazout and Tamraght areas, so we thought of sharing this blog that tells you everything about surfing in Taghazout.

If You Are A Beginner -
Firstly, we would like to say that there are waves all year round, however, quite frankly, the best time to visit Taghazout depends on your surf level! Considering its the Atlantic ocean, there is always a spot to surf, especially for beginners. So, if you're looking for a beginner surf camp, then look no further. We know all the spots that are working in summer months between May and August.

During summer, the waves are much smaller and much more gentle. This means very easy surfing conditions for complete beginners to learn surfing without struggling too much against whitewash. On some summer days, it can also be flat around Taghazout. So, its important to drive around the bay to find some swell and beat the not so consistent surf conditions. Therefore, if you are an absolute beginner looking to have a very easy going surf experience, then summer is a better time for your Morocco surf holiday.
Learn to surf Taghazout

Learn To Surf Taghazout

Experienced Surfers-

For more experienced surfers, the best time to surf Taghazout begins in late September and lasts until the end of April. The peak of north atlantic swells hits more than 20 Taghazout surf spots by the end of December. Each surf spot varies in type of breaks and size, including some world renowned Taghazout surf spots. Some spots are pumping out amazing Point and Reef breaks for experienced surfers to put on a show for spectators. Don't you think this is the best time to surf Taghazout?

Taghazout is a surfers paradise during November and February, with bigger barrelling waves for the serious surfers. September and October are months offering the entry of the winter swell. March and April are months offering the exit of the winter swell. During September, October, March, and April, the waves are not so big, yet consistent, which is appealing for improvers and intermediate surfers.

Morocco is blessed with 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures throughout the year. This makes Taghazout the perfect surf escape for many surfers from around the world, especially during European winter. Don't believe us? Just search for Taghazout weather forecast on Google, and see for yourself. It’s time to check out our surf packages:

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For real time surf and weather reports, we recommend you to visit the expert sites for some helpful surf forecasts:

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