10 places you should definitely visit in Agadir!

agadir beach view

Taghazout is a small surfer’s village where you can find everything for your perfect surfing – the waves, surf shops, rental stores. But if you have some spare days when there are no good conditions for surf or you just tired and want to have a day off of the ocean – don’t forget that Taghazout is only 20 km from a nice touristic city Agadir. You can get there easily by bus or a taxi and spend great time. So here are 10 things that you can do in Agadir:

Souk El Had is very big and is located in the center of the city. It has 12 entries and everything you need – starting from the food, fruits, vegetables and spices and finishing the clothes, jewelry and traditional souvenirs. You can feel all the power of Moroccan culture here, cause it’s full of smells, sounds and colors of the country.

agadir marina night

Port Marina, all white beautiful and very enjoyable just to have a walk there, have some coffee in one of the restaurants with an ocean view or visit some of the shops with brand clothes that you will not find on the souk.

Bird Valley, it is a lovely park not far from Marina, with all types of birds from all over the world. And actually not only birds, there are some animals to see as well, so it is kind of zoo where you can feel yourself closer to the nature and just chill on the bench or take good pictures with goats and pelicans.

Hammam, a traditional Moroccan sauna, that you can visit not only in Agadir, there are also some closer to Taghazout in the village. But no matter where you prefer to have it – you will get real pleasure and relaxation from the procedure. And what is more important – good use to your health. Besides the usual hammam you can have some spa procedures there like massage, peeling for your skin and others that are soo good after surfing.

Paradise Valley, the place is located in the mountains and belongs to Berber tribes from the beginning of time. In the center of valley is a river with different water inhabitants like fish, frogs, and tortures and a big waterfall. You can jump into the nature water pools from the rocks and have real fun there. Take good pictures of oasises that surround all the area and spend all day long on the sun in the haven.

Kasbah (Agadir Oufla), the famous hill that you can see from every point in Agadir with the big letters on it in Arabic that mean “God, country, King”. In the evening the letters have beautiful lighting and the overall view of the mountain is very charming. You can not only see it from the city but also enjoy the amazing view of the whole Agadir from the top of the hill. It’s possible to go there by walking which is a great hiking adventure with stunning scenery in front of your eyes or come up by taxi and spend time on the highest point taking pictures and admiring the view around.

Crocopark, you have never seen these terrifying creatures? Here you have an opportunity to meet around 300 crocodiles and find out that they are actually rather calm and cute and not gonna eat you You can chill in a cozy restaurant here while your children enjoying playing on the well organized playground. There is also a wonderful garden along all the park with beautiful flowers and plants from all over the world.

in the medina of the african harbor city agadir in morocco regina koch

La Medina de Coco Polizzi, nice and quiet place to visit, with great old architecture and sculptures. You can enjoy just wondering around here, buying some souvenirs in local shops and getting an impression of the Moroccan culture of old times.

Big wheel (La grande roué Agadir), an exciting entertainment in Marina with fantastic view from the height. Good for romantic date or just friends’ evening riding.

Beach water time. We don’t mention surfing here cause we hope it goes without saying that you guys surf every day, so except your surfing in Agadir you can try jet skiing, kite surfing, riding camels or horses on the beach or try extreme jeep safari riding. And a lot of other interesting things to do.

So, if you choose a surf trip for your vacation that doesn’t mean that you will spend all your time in a water. 5 % of your time you can devote to something else As you see we have a lot of other activities here that will never let you get bored. So don’t hesitate to join us and make your travelling more exciting!